Early Years Unit Information

Early Years Unit

“Our class is one big happy family, where everyone simply enjoys the learning adventures we make each day. There is simply too much to tell you about, so we decided to give you a few key facts, plus lots of pictures that best show what we get up too at St Mary’s.”

School Councillors (plus little help from Miss Bell)

Key Facts

  • 8 children per session
  • 2 staff
  • Subsidised rates for all, only £6:00 per session.
  • Access to dedicated resources designed to provide a smooth transition into school, based on play and exploration.
  • Outdoor learning a key focus of the curriculum and child centered approach of the unit.

Key Facts

  • 12 children
  • 2 staff
  • Access to 30 hour full-time provision, FREE for all even for families who do not qualify for Government’s 30 hour entitlement.
  • Child centered learning, where the curriculum is led by the needs and strengths of the children.
  • Outdoor play experiences at the heart of the Nursery offer.

Key Facts

  • 10 children
  • 2 staff
  • Access to extensive outdoor area to encourage learning through exploration.
  • Dedicated literacy, numeracy, science and creative learning areas.
  • Depth of learning opportunities through diamond challenge learning.

Our favourite things

  • Tree house
  • Story time
  • Diamond Challenges
  • Cookery
  • Construction outside
  • Science table

Early Years in action