Thrive @ St Mary’s

The THRIVE approach.

What is the Thrive Approach?

The Thrive Approach allows adults to support children in a targeted way to help them be emotionally and socially ready for life.

Based on the lastest research in neuroscience, attachement theory and child development, Thrive allows licensed practitioners to assess gaps in a child’s development and plan to support the child in acquring the social and emotional skills they need.

Equally, Thrive is used throughout the school to plan for whole class development and helps to create positive relationships and interactions between peers. An initial class assessment enables class teachers to identify particular strands to work on, such as how to have different opinions without falling out or how to recognise when someone is unhappy or upset.

We currently have two licensed Thrive practitioners at St Mary’s; Mrs Logan and Mr Hilton, although all the staff follow the principles and practice of Thrive, supported by the trained members of staff.

As a school we recognise the value in preparing children emotionally for the challenges they face in life, through building strength in their mental well-being as fellas their academic knowledge and skills.

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