COVID Catch-Up Funding

COVID catch-up Funding Strategy

As we are all aware many of our pupils have suffered the effect of our school not being fully open from March to September. The government have recognised that pupils will need additional support to try to help them to close the gaps In their progress and attainment. Every school has been give the equivalent of £80 per pupil to help schools to bridge this gap. At Berwick St Mary’s, the school leadership team and the Governors work together to ensure the funding is used approriately to support the needs of every child. Please find attached our catch up strategy.


Catch Up Funding Strategy Statement Tiered Model 2020-21

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Berwick Literary FestivalAs part of the Berwick Literary Festival, children in Y3/4 enjoyed a live, interactive Zoom session with poet Joseph Coelho. He read some of his poetry to the class and they were able to explore different forms of poetry with him, based on his own writing. The children thought of many questions to ask him, from what inspires him to write to does he have a special pen for writing? He set us a poetry writing challenge which the children can't wait to start. They will be able to share their best creative efforts with him next half term. Our challenge is based on 'MORERAPS', if you want to find out more click on the link below: ... See MoreSee Less
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