Key Stage 1 Class Information

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2

“Our class is definitely the best in the school, we are a real team and do amazing lessons, such as our science investigations, outdoor days and visits all over the area. We have three classrooms we can use, so we are always doing something different, although the reading areas are the best!”

Year 1 School Councillors

Key Facts

  • 24 children
  • 1 teacher – Miss Allan / 2 teaching assistants – Mrs Logan and Mr Hilton
  • Access to outdoor spaces to help with transition from Early Years.
  • Creative curriculum used, with a focus on language and communication.
  • Outdoor learning.
  • Computing in as many lessons as possible.
  • Storytelling each day with our teachers and friends.
  • Going on visits or having visitors.
  • Drama and arts.

Our favourite things

Check out the advert we made for Alnwick Gardens

The Oscars here we come!

Key Stage 1 in action