Key Stage 1 Unit

Key Stage 1 Unit (Years 1 & 2)

“We are the best class at St Mary’s as we have the most fun. In our class we work hard to improve and set the highest standards in the school. We are all good friends and help each other when we are stuck, so we always try our best.”

Key Stage 1 School Councillors

Key Facts

  • 30 children.
  • 1 teacher & 2 teaching assistants.
  • A focus on outdoor and practical approaches to learning.
  • Access to targeted resources to improve language and skills in all curriculum areas.
  • A new outdoor area to promote independent learning through investigation.
  • High level of ICT resources, supporting learning and development across the curriculum.
  • Targeted provision to support vulnerable children moving into and through the Key Stage.
  • Outdoor learning, especially investigations and nature based activities.
  • Any type of PE, but especially anything in the MUGA.
  • Working together to solve mysteries that Miss Pearson sets.
  • Art work, we really enjoyed creating self portraits with different types of media, they made us look fantastic.
  • Working with the community, such as our work with Memory Laner’s Alzheimers Group)
  • Going on visits to discover new things.

Our favourite things

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