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Y3/4 Breaking NewsThe Vikings invaded St Mary's today!Fortunately, there were no raids or looting, just a fun packed day filled with activities to help us learn more about Viking life. We started by making flat breads and butter, discussing how Vikings would have cooked their meals. Next, we found out about life in the home and what a smelly era it was! Viking Spike had kindly recreated some of the smells that Vikings would have to live with from day to day, luckily, our sense of smell was tested outside of the classroom.After learning a Viking song with actions, we prepared our flat breads for cooking. Mr Hilton (Jnr) was the chef for the afternoon and we were delighted to taste our efforts. Finally, we learnt about how the Vikings created their own paint from natural sources such as ochre and charcoal. We decorated some slate stone using the rune (Viking letters) for the inital letter of our name.We had a fantastic day and a huge thank you to Vikings Sam and Spike for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us. ... See MoreSee Less
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