Ofsted 2017

Together, the headteacher and governors have worked tirelessly to establish a highly inclusive learning environment where pupils thrive.


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Early Years News Flash!This week in Early Years we have been researching our Solar System and finding out interesting facts. The children researched online and in books to collet a range of facts. They then displayed their work in a range of formats. As a group we shared our facts to further our knowledge! The children have been drawing their favourite planets and labelling them, also learning all the planet names and order from the sun. We also found out facts about our moon and learned to sing a new song about a 'Journey to the Moon'. The children created actions to support singing the song. We discussed ideas to create a space story and children composed sentences to write using the pictures.In Mathematics we have been learning about 2D shapes, identifying, naming and describing them. The children were challenged to explore the environment to find a range of 2D shapes. They also found out which was the most common shape found, which seemed to be a rectangle! The children then created a rocket picture using 2D shapes and named them. We have also explored using a range of resources to create 2D shapes. The children and families came up with some very imaginative ideas to complete the task. The children then described the 2D shapes they had made. In Science we have been exploring and investigating forces. The children were asked to explore their toys to find out which forces, push, pull or twist, do they use to make their toys move? They then found out about which forces they use around the home. Do we need to use a push and a pull? We then investigated forces and motion. The children tested out a wheeled vehicle or ball to find out what happens when we use more or less force to push an object. Does it travel further with a 'hard' push? The children also tested what happens across different surfaces. They then built ramps of different heights and talked about their observations. The children were then challenged to create an exercise routine that includes a push, pull and twist. Very imaginative and creative ideas including stretches and balances! Children have also been taking part in our Healthy Movers activities. Walking the plank! Using balance and coordination to move across the plank, also jumping over obstacles! They then explored different ways of travelling! ... See MoreSee Less
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