Weekly Creative Challenges

Creative Challenges

The teachers have put together weekly challenges for home learning to be shared every weekend until we can return to school and get back to normal. The challenges are just something extra to the learning packs we sent home and online learning and will hopefully provide a little inspiration during this very strange time.

The challenges are in a basic timetable for the week, but you can alter to suit your own needs and are simply designed to have a little creative fun each day. You don’t have to do them all, but we would love to see your achievements via your Tapestry link when complete one.

Good luck from everyone at St Mary’s.

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Early Years News Flash!In Early Years this week we have enjoyed the story book 'Dear Zoo'. The children made predictions, and shared ideas of the different animals that might be sent from the zoo for a pet! Reception children wrote a letter to the zoo asking for an unusual pet they would like. Nursery children talked about their favourite animal and drew some fantastic pictures. We discussed animal features and how we identify them, such as an elephant has a trunk!Reception children explored adjectives to describe different animals. They read and matched labels, using phonic knowledge to decode some tricky words. We then described different animals to a partner for them to guess. We were spotting Safari animals in our outdoor area from our Safari jeep using binoculars! We have played animal hide and seek, creating different animal sounds. The children enjoyed listening to a song based on our book of the week and then explored moving like different animals and developing ideas for an animal dance. In mathematics we have been exploring measurement. We began the week talking about the measurement of weight and vocabulary to describe and compare the weight of objects. The children then explored parcels sent from the zoo! We discussed heavier and lighter, then ordered sets of boxes by weight. Great predictions before weighing giving reasons for their prediction. We also looked at comparing and ordering objects by length. We discussed accurate measurement and used a ruler to measure and record in centimetres. Nursery children were comparing the size of animals and pictures to develop vocabulary. In our topic work we have been looking at maps, atlases and a globe to find out about places around the world and where different animals live around the world. We have enjoyed playing with the zoo play equipment and developed narratives and stories. As part of our Diamond Challenges the children have rescued animals tangled in elastic bands, Described animals, matched animals and labels from the story book and created lollipop animal puppets. Outdoors we have created animal enclosures using large equipment to build and create a zoo. Drew animal pictures using chalk and used construction resources to build animals. ... See MoreSee Less
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